Why should you win this pageant

This is one of the most common questions asked in pageant interviewand yet a lot of girls don't like getting it because they think their answer will be similar to everyone else. To some extent, that's true: judges have probably heard a lot of "I'm a hard worker" and "I want to make a difference," but this doesn't mean you should avoid these answers if you truly feel them.

Miss Universe Ghana Photo: Miss Universe Ghana Instagram. To get prepared for this question, think about why you are entering the pageant. Is it to gain self-confidence? Make new friends? Be a role model? Gain some stage experience? No matter what your reason is, this can help you think about why you'd make a good titleholder. Use your inspiration to propel you forward! Imagine the day after you win the pageant. What are you planning?

Who are you networking with? How will you promote your title and the pageant itself? Thinking from the end and going back is a great way to approach answering questions about why you'd make an excellent titleholder. Making a year-long plan for your reign is a strong tool for ensuring that you hit all of your target goals and make the most of the days you'll have as a titleholder. Planning in advance also helps get you in a positive frame of mind about the upcoming pageant but causing you to visualize what your experience as the winner might be like.

The more you can visualize winning, the better. What sets you apart from other contestants? Every person who comes into a pageant is unique and has their own reasons for being there, and you should celebrate yours. What makes you different from other contenders? Is it your work ethic?

why should you win this pageant

Your work with your platform? Your willingness and ability to network with sponsors? Think of a pageant interview like a job interview and market your skillsets appropriately. Now, this is not the only way to answer this question but it will give you an idea that you can work from.

So here is my plan on how I would market this pageant so that next even more girls compete Use this formula and then give a few ideas like handing out your business card to every beautiful girl you see at the mall or writing "how to" tutorials on various pageant blogs like Pageant Planet that will enable you to get the name of the system promoted.

Keep in mind that you should veer away from putting other girls down when you answer this question. A judge wants to be impressed with what you have to offer, and starting to talk negatively about other girls can lead them to think you're not diplomatic.

There's nothing wrong with stressing your good qualities, just don't do so in a way that makes other girls look bad. Top 5 Best Pageant Resale Sites. How and When to Stand in Pretty Feet. Miss America vs Miss United States. How to Master Onstage Introduction. Download: Free Pageant Questions. All Coaching Tips. Share on Social Media.

why should you win this pageant

What will you do if you win?If you've ever considered competi ng i n a pageant, I would strongly encourage you to do so.

There are so many wonderful reasons as to why you should get involved in the world of pageantry if you get the chance. Being i n pageants has allowed me to grow as a person.

Why Do You Want to Be The Titleholder?

There are so many benefits of competing other than taking home the crown. Of course, the thought of wi nning a pageant crown and sash and wearing a beautiful gown is all part of what makes pageants so much fun, but there i s so much more to bei ng i n a pageant than what i s typically portrayed.

Here are 6 ways pageants have helped me grow. Pageant girls are some of the kindest, most intelligent and friendliest girls I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Every girl has her own story to tell and duri ng pageant weekend, you form a special bond wi th these girls.

I've made some of my best friends through pageants. Many pageants offer scholarship money to the girls who are crowned. Even though pageants are definitely more than about wi nni ng money, scholarship money can greatly help a gi rl who can use i t to pay for her education. Many pageant girls have platforms and philanthropies that are close to their hearts that they want to promote and pageants give them a greater opportunity to do community service and promote their platform if crowned since community service is so highly valued in many pageant systems.

From teaching us life skills, the value of education, self-love, kindness and the importance of helping others, to teach us the importance of supporting other women, pageants do a great job in empowering women and young girls. One of the main reasons I participate i n pageants for the sense of empowerment I get when competing.

For me, there i s nothing more empowering than bei ng on stage and showing the world the strength and beauty I have i nsi de of me. You won't always walk away wit h a crown, but the connections and memories you make wi ll last a li fetime, and i n my eyes, that i s equally as good as taki ng home the crown. Welcome back. Sign in to comment to your favorite stories, participate in your community and interact with your friends.

If the crown fits. Rider University. Everlasting friendships Pageant girls are some of the kindest, most intelligent and friendliest girls I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

You learn life skills. I can't begin to say how useful the skills I learned during the interview portion of the pageant have been in my job and graduate school interviews. Being interviewed by the pageant judges during the interview portion of pageants made me more confident and ready to take on an interview.

6 Crowning Reasons Why You Should Compete In Pageants

Body Positivity There is a HUGE misconception out there that pageants are all about how beautiful and attractive someone is.

That view is false.I have been competing in pageants since the age of 12 and this question continuously haunt me, but after using these following tips I have conquered the beast and can remain calm cool and collected in interview. Miss Colorado Monica Thompson. Photo: Miss Colorado Instagram. Write the question out and simply think of the top 3 reasons why you wish to win.

Make the answers short and in a bulleted format, preferably 3 or 4 words. This helps when answering the question because you can mentally see the top 3 reasons and then you can spit them out in the time allotted with confidence instead of scrambling for words. Really think of why you want to win, all pageant-world aside. You being a great model and a person girls can look up to is a great quality to have, but everybody says it so it won't help you stand out.

How can having you as a queen better the system as a whole? What can you bring to the table? How would you be an asset to the organization? These are main points that you should think about next time you are asked the thought provoking question. Remember to deliver your answer with a smile and confidence! Want more help with pageant interview?

Check out How to Succeed in Pageant Interview! How to Win Pageant Interview. All Coaching Tips. Photo: Miss Colorado Instagram Write it out Write the question out and simply think of the top 3 reasons why you wish to win. Think Really think of why you want to win, all pageant-world aside.

Promote How can having you as a queen better the system as a whole? Leave a Reply Name. Upcoming pageants Ms. Empowered Michigan Upcoming pageants Miss Plus America Empowered Vermont Upcoming pageants Miss Zebulon Organization.All Rights Reserved.

The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Why do you think you should win the pageant? Wiki User Many believe they should win a pageant do to the amount of work and they put into their performance. If r a contestant is asked this they should answer honestly and include how they will represent the title.

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Because I hav my self-Confidence! Asked in Pageants What to wear at a baby beauty pageant? Asked in Pageants What qualities should you have in order to win a pageant? Asked in Pageants What will you do to the price if you win this pageant?

Asked in Pageants What if you lose this pageant? Joining a pageant is like playing a game, it's either you will win or lose.

But as for me, I will accept the judgment whatever it is with all my heart because I believe, if I did my best, and I deserve to win, i will win. I must accept the truth. She won the Miss Oklahoma beauty pageant in She then went on to the Miss America beauty pageant where she was second runner up. She was only 19 at the time. Asked in Pageants What do you feel when you won a beauty pageant?

When you win a beauty pageant, you would feel elated, ecstatic, proud, excited, and self-fulfillment. Exclusive clothing or anything fantabulous!

I won the beauty pageant once Asked in Pageants What happens when you win the miss US pageant? Asked in Pageants Why win a beauty pageant?You feel uncomfortable the minute you hear the judge ask the question. Because it feels like you have to brag about yourself to answer the question. You just need to understand the real question behind the question. And yes, I do mean every pageant. Why does everyone give this answer?

Because everyone hates the question, they panic when they hear it, so they hurry through an answer without really thinking through the question. If the title is based on wantshould the judges just vote for the contestant who wants it the most? Are you catching the hint? The correct way to answer this question is to discuss why you are qualified to be the next titleholder. Is the titleholder expected to do a lot of community service work? Does the pageant have an official platform that the titleholder will need to promote?

Or does the titleholder promote the title by making a lot of appearances at local or state pageants? So take a few moments and think about what the titleholder does. Now, think about your background, experience and personal characteristics that qualify you to be the titleholder.

Write down the two to three that are most directly connected to the responsibilities of the titleholder. Bragging happens when you add adjectives to the list of your accomplishments. You feel comfortable just giving a factual summary of what you did, right? Then all you have to do is close your best beauty queen smile.

Because you just nailed the answer to the most hated question in pageantry. Why would you be a good titleholder?

why should you win this pageant

Why should I vote for you? Take a look at the first two words of the answer: I want. In order to do that we need to think through the job of the titleholder.Your heart sinks, and so does your score. Contestants hate answering this question. But once you think through your answer and develop some fabulous content, you can position yourself as a leading contestant for the crown.

The fact that you enjoy performing on stage is perfectly fine. And nobody votes for a contestant that comes across as self-centered. This answer is primarily given by PreTeens and Teens and is rarely used by Miss contestants.

Yes, people tend to think of the titleholder as a role model. The role model answer sounds like a good idea, but the judges never interpret it the way you mean it. If the pageant awards a scholarship to the winner, this could be the basis for a solid answer. You could talk about how education is the key to success and discuss your interest in additional education. If you compete in pageants for personal improvement or to gain life skills a personal development answer is a great choice.

Maybe you were shy before you began competing and now you feel comfortable in any type of social setting. Or maybe you entered as an incentive to work on your personal fitness goals. You could talk about how competing in pageants changed your life. Then you can wrap up by saying that you want to be the titleholder to encourage others to become their very best self too.

You can usually find it on the About Us page of the pageant website. It might be academic achievement, community service, developing life skills, or even just making friends and having fun. Easy peasy! Take your time, think it through, and give it your best shot. Why is it such a tough question?

why should you win this pageant

Why do you want to win? Why did you enter the pageant? Scholarship Pageant If the pageant awards a scholarship to the winner, this could be the basis for a solid answer. Valerie Hayes.Post a Comment Did the BV blog above stir any thoughts? Use this resource wisely! During your interview or on-stage questionyou may be faced with the question: "why should YOU win this pageant". There are many ways to answer this question and I want to discuss a few options with you here so you can come up with your best personalized response.

The options below depend on your pageant system, so choose an option and see if any of the below fit your system. Note that different systems want different things from their titleholders! Play along here, let's say you are competing for the title of Miss Nelson River County. While these are NOT complete answers, they should generate some thoughts You understand that it is a year of service While every young woman here this weekend would be a good choice, I am the best choice because my year will not just be about smiling and waving.

Instead, it will be a year of service. I plan to be involved with charities and organizations that are already partnered with the Miss Nelson River County organization AND to create partnerships during this year that will last well beyond me to benefit this program.

You are a professional I'm the best candidate for this job because I am ready to network with other professionals and public officials to help grow our program.

Why Should You Be The Next Titleholder?

You are qualified I should win this pageant because all of my experiences have led me to this amazing organization. Whether I was spending hours honing my talent with my vocal instructor, or leading meetings as the Student Government President, or even when I was volunteering at the Nelson River County Community Center over the past 3 years I am the most qualified candidate for the job because I can use my skills to help grow this organization by approaching new partners, potential contestants, and more The best way to answer any question is to prepare - why do you really want to win the pageant?

Is something offered to you? Can you offer the system anything? Do you love their mission? Take a moment to really think about why YOU should win above anyone else, because if you do not know why you want to win, you can bet the judges won't know why to put the crown on your head!

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