Why did my ex request to follow me on instagram

Hey guys. I figured I would share my short story as a means of helping you guys. I'm not sure what impact or effect it will have for you guys but at least it helps get the discussion started. My ex dumped me about 3 months ago. Two weeks later she requested me on social media again. I didn't want to seem like a mean spirited person although she knew that I could not be just friends I accepted the request hours later when I was free.

She unfriended me the following morning. I remained in no contact for 55 days. I broke it on the 55th day extending an olive branch to her wishing her well and letting her know that I finished the book she gave me before she dumped me.

I received a mirrored response 1 message from her 30 minutes later to which required no response. I returned to NC. Yesterday night she requests me again on social media. This time I let it sit She has my number and if she wants to talk like an adult My advice would be In light of her past actions, I think not accepting is the best course of action. She seems really changeable. You're right. She knows your number and can call if she wants to tell you anything important.

My ex tried adding me twice on snapchat on Friday night. I ignored it. Felt like I done the right thing. Also ignored her call at 5am on Sunday morning, bound to of been drunk, like you say if they want an important meaningful adult chat, they know where to find us.

Just letting it sit there. I was actually kind of annoyed and felt a bit insulted that she would request me again instead of just talkingThere is only one logical reason to ever post an Instagram story: to see who actually watches it. Weird, right? And when my most recent ex — the one who swept me off my feet and just as quickly broke up with me without reason — started watching my stories, too, I couldn't help but wonder, does this mean anything?

I mean, I never watch my ex's stories.

Why Did My Ex Boyfriend Unfollow Me On Social Media?

I don't need to know who they are dating or what they eat for brunch. So why do they do it? Personally, I think that if an ex watches your stories, they are either percent still in to you or completely over you. But to really get to the bottom of it, I decided to ask a dating expert and some men for their opinions. It happens all the time, and it can happen for a myriad of reasons, having nothing to do with having feelings for you. I mean, he might, but if he does, you'll know.

He'll be shooting you a message to make plans to reconnect, and will lock you down," she tells Elite Daily. She continues, "We've all had ghosts of exes past view our stories, and all that means is simply: He viewed our story. Any further analysis of what it means and why now is a waste of time.

Something as simple as your story popping up after he's viewed another can explain why he watches it. And Jen says when we read into things, we can also do embarrassing things.

why did my ex request to follow me on instagram

In fact, the only issue with an ex watching your Instagram stories might be how you're reading into them or reacting to it. Everyone will see through this kind of toxic manipulationJen also notes.

So if a dating expert doesn't think watching Instagram stories means much of anything, what about the men themselves? Apparently, watching an Instagram story is nothing more than just So maybe we shouldn't read so much into social media. By Alison Segel. So, I came to form this hypothesis:. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.All my exes follow me on Snapchat. I guess my situation is sort of unique.

I can't make my profile private because I want all the people who read my online work to be able to follow me on Snapchat as well. So in order to keep my exes from following me, I'd have to block them and that's kind of dramatic even for MEif you ask me. It gives the user a way more up-close-and-personal look into your life than all the other social media platforms combined.

And when you see your ex's name every day amongst a load of other people who are interested in your life, you can't help but kind of feel like you and your ex never broke up in the first place. And that's the thing I hate about dating nowadays. On top of worrying about liking a person or not liking him, friend zoning him or not friend zoning him and whether or not you'll run into your ex true story: I ran into mine on the street not once, but twiceyou have a million other silly little things to worry about, like if you look hot enough in your Snapchat to make it public and not just one you send to a friend.

When I see my ex watched my story, I often wonder what he was doing when he watched it. I can only imagine, but there's fun in picturing different scenarios.

For example, if he watched my story at 8 pm on a Friday night, I wonder if he was out with friends or home alone, scrolling through my snaps while sitting on the toilet or watching Netflix.

On one hand, I do feel like my privacy is being invaded by guys who weren't worth my time. But on the other hand, I kind of get off on the fact they can see my life is quite fabulous -- hell, probably even more fabulous -- than it ever was with them in it.

Isn't that the kind of momentary satisfaction we've signed up for and should expect in the modern dating world? Knowing the guy we've tried to forget isn't forgetting us? Who knows why I let them see everything? Maybe there's part of me that still thinks deep down there's a chance I'll get back together with one of them.

Parting with the past has never been my forte.

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Will I block my exes on Snapchat? Not for now, anyway. I guess I'm just wondering why they haven't stopped following me. Do they just think I'm hot or is it more than that?

I'll never know. By Sheena Sharma. Maybe they think they might get back together with me, once they've grown up a bit. That's why you still feel connected to him. Or maybe I'm just being a girl and reading way too much into all of this. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.No matter how late they drunk-text you, you answer. In the words of my best friend, "everyone has a Brittany. So yesterday, I decided to follow my ex on Instagram.

If Your Ex Still Follows You On Instagram, Here's What That Means

And trust me, honey, I know she sees it. Power move. I want her to see how amazing my life is. Even more frequently than checking her page, I kept stalking my own Instagram, imagining I was her, seeing me. She always used social media more privately and less frequently than I did — one post per week, max. After all, when we had been dating, she was still closeted and never uploaded photos of us. Later, when we were broken up but still sleeping together, she met her boyfriend.

She would upload photos with him all the time. On Instagram, their relationship looked perfect: concerts, restaurants, anniversaries — and each caption was cheesier than the next. On Christmas, she posted a photo of them together with the caption, "Your love is my turning page. All of it hurt. But still, whenever she texted me to meet up, I didn't hesitate. Every few months, we'd meet at the only hipster bar on Long Island, catch up, then drive in the same car to a motel you could rent by the hour to have sex.

Looking back, that sounds depressing. But at the time, I felt like we were in a sexy, old movie. I got a thrill out of sneaking around. I still had a piece of her; she still had a piece of me. Finally, she told me her boyfriend was planning to propose. She said she couldn't see me anymore.

Unable to see Brittany in real life, I became even more obsessed with watching her online. My face would flush. I'd get anxious, then completely devastated. But there was no evidence.

No proof that we had been happy. No artifacts of our relationship. No corny song lyrics or stupid hashtags. In order to get over her, I had to block her on every form of social media. Yes, even LinkedIn. You know that stomach dropping feeling you get from bad news?

I would feel physically ill every time I saw her face. I started to forget her. Little bits of her slipped away. Was she conceived in Japan or born in Japan? I've come such a long way since we stopped speaking. I could handle seeing her now. Couldn't I?So I broke up with my ex about 1 yr ago, we were together for a yr and we got pretty serious but then we went our separate ways.

Officially stopped talking to him for months now even though he said we'd still be friends meh. Recently a lot of his friends have been adding me on instagram and I only met 1 of them in real life when we were dating. Its super odd. Should I accept the requests or reject? I accepted the one I knew. I don't want my ex thinking i'm doing it to get him jealous or really anything about him at all. Iv never been the type to have randoms especially males on my social networks.

When I told my bf at the time he was taken back lool. I think you should consider how you feel as well as what message you want to convey. If you're totally over him and don't really care, then I think you're in a good enough state of mind to friend him. Friending him shows you're over what happened between you and are willing to tolerate him. If you're still really sensitive, I don't think it's a good idea.

It might be too tempting to post a bunch of pictures of you with guys or something to make him jealous. I dunno. I just don't see that turning out good.

To Follow or Not to Follow? When It Comes to Exes on Social Media, That Is the Question

Plus, to get over someone, you need to cleanse your life of them and allow yourself time to adapt to life without him. Can't really do that when he keeps popping up on your Instagram. You're doing fine. Friend the ones you know, not the ones you don't.

You were right to think that you might come off as spiteful in friending all of his friends. Because, I mean, why else would you accept the request? And from what you said in your disclaimer, he doesn't even trust his "friends" very much himself. Better to ignore them.Calvin Harris tweeted on July 13, His pointed subtweet since deleted was one of a stream that followed his split with notorious breakup queen, pop star Taylor Swift.

Harris had unfollowed her on Twitter. Swift still follows Harris—a very enlightened perspective on an especially public breakup—and has been remarkably restrained in her posts. Presumably, although Swift is no stranger to social-media beefsshe prefers to subtweet her exes in her songs.

Mere mortals are forced to subtweet their own exes by tweeting Taylor Swift lyrics. Celebrities face intense scrutiny when they publicly address breakups on Twitter or another platform, but even for people without millions of followers, the decision of whether or not to continue following an ex after a breakup can be a difficult one.

Jen C. Are they happy?

why did my ex request to follow me on instagram

Are they sad? Who are they interacting with? What does it mean?

why did my ex request to follow me on instagram

Are they already having sex with someone else? He deleted his entire Instagram account after getting blowback in his comments from fans and his ex Selena Gomez about photos he posted with his reported girlfriend, year-old Sofia Richie. Rebecca R. Their breakup was amicable, but she feels overwhelmed when he shows up in her feeds too often. Some exes eventually become cool with each other, and can find new ways to be friends on social media.

Good for them! Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The D. By Lauren Le Vin e. By Vanity Fai r. Illustration by Benjamin Par k.

why did my ex request to follow me on instagram

By Julie Mille r and Hilary Weave r.Feb 6, pm By Ashley Uzer. We talked to real single dudes about their Instagram habits in attempts to make things more clear. Contact us for more social media know-how. Jarett, 20, has a similar stance.

My Ex Checks My Instagram - Is It Right To Not Check Theirs?

So, there you have it. Guys are just creeps. Or you might not even care. Is the type of guy who throws likes to Instagram models the type of guy who would cheat on you with an Instagram model given the chance? Other guys had dealt with Instagram related arguments before. Greg, 23, recalls when his college girlfriend took things too far and he simply stopped using Instagram to avoid the fights.

How to be a good boyfriend 1: pick your battles. Alex, 22, says he avoids commenting on photos because it makes him look thirsty before he even gets a shot.

I exist and think you look great. Have a good day. If not then, hey, we might have a dope conversation or lead to something. And according to most of these guys, commenting is clearly a little more serious. A dude following you on Insta is similar to him Snapchat requesting you: you assume it means he wants to see more of you.

At the end of the day, this kind of depends on what kind of guy it is. All in all, Instagram is just another social media platform that seriously complicates dating.

I mean, look at the guys we interviewed. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what kind of person he is. Mar 4, pm Ashley Uzer. Full Story. Feb 5, pm Ashley Uzer. Jun 12, pm Galore Girl. Dec 18, pm Mallie Koczon. Minna Life is probably one of the best new sex toy brands out there. Their products, the Ola and Limon, are some of the most amazing and intuitive toys I have ever used.

Oct 25, pm Bawse Kitty. Oct 6, am Galore Girl. Keep up, here. Some things are only found on Facebook. Don't miss out. The craziest channel on Snapchat for beauty, fashion and pop. Follow Ashley on Instagram and Twitter.

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