Sample email to implement new process

By Tiffany Chepul. We've all reached a place in our role when the way we used to do things no longer works and we have to innovate. Necessity becomes the mother of invention - there's really no way to avoid it in a healthy growing company.

It's some of the most difficult work that teams do. Some teams struggle with change itself - it pushes people out of their comfort zone and sometimes there is resistance. Other teams struggle to develop the processes themselves - they can't agree on the best way to proceed to improve the business process.

Even if you can define a new process and make some headway on changing people's mindsets, there is still the uphill battle for implementing the key processes that turn plans into action. Management teams can help their employees to implement a new business process in five simple ways to maximize their implementation efforts. Starting with an Objective Statement is a great way to understand what process you are trying to establish, how you are going to go about it, and what result you are trying to achieve.

This should clearly define the business process that needs to be updated and the business reason why it needs to be done. This establishes clear goals and objectives to determine a common vision around the new process you are trying to implement.

Most processes touch multiple departments. For example, the process around how the Finance Team handles expense submissions impacts Sales, Production, Exec team, etc. Gain input from those teams on how the new process might make things easier for them, get them paid faster, etc. Not only do they feel heard, but they are more likely to see the value of the new process and become early adopters.

Guidelines : New Policies/Procedures

This isn't just the human resources, strategic management or the senior management team's sole responsibility - all of the cross-functional team members should be represented in the implementation plan if you really want to gain a competitive advantage. Once a new process improvement has been established, it must be clearly communicated. Lead with the value the new process will provide to the company and all of the affected teams. Make the steps clear so later the team is comfortable holding each other accountable to following them.

Make them aware of the long term benefits of making the change. This isn't just changing for the sake of change - the planning process to both the short term change management and long term strategic implementation to better the company's ability to achieve their year strategic plan. The key to strategy execution is to have the right business process in place to continual drive progress towards your goal and making adjustments to that plan as more data becomes available.

This needs to be mentioned face to face at weekly meetings, then followed up by an email to implement the new process.

sample email to implement new process

The most successful process implementations have one person who clearly owns it as a priority, and they are in charge of the entire project management of the key components of implementing the new process. Ideally, if it is a company-wide new process, a member of the executive team would own the overall adoption priority to assist the implementation strategy.

Executive sponsorship can be extremely helpful in driving adoption to get the projected implemented successfully.Six Sigma is a catalyst for change. The fact that your team is using Six Sigma implies that something in process needs to be improved and that Six Sigma techniques can modify the process to make it work better. Completing the Six Sigma cycle tells what needs to be changed and how to change it, but once the change has been identified it still needs to be implemented.

Change will not happen by itself, no matter how brilliant the innovation may be. We tend to be suspicious of changes and reluctant to make them, even necessary ones, because change involves uncertainty and it requires hard work. Employing new processes and making them permanent business practices requires the efforts of a specialized team with a solid project plan.

Change acceleration typically requires its own team. Much like the Six Sigma project team, the change team contains different members with different roles. Champion — This individual sets direction, determines deliverables and obtains resources for the team. Team Leader — As always, leaders are responsible for the results the team delivers. Team Members — These individuals are selected for their skill and expertise. They have the authority to make decisions and are held responsible for their actions.

Team Coach — This role requires extensive experience with implementing change. The coach must be available to consult the team when needed. Making the effort to select the right team members and assign them to well-understood roles at the beginning of the project helps prevent problems and confusion down the road. Once the change team is in place and each team member understands their role in implementing change, the team must define the scope of the project.

Scope is the work that the team needs to do to complete the project. Setting the project scope requires identifying and documenting the specific project goals, deliverables, tasks and deadlines required to implement the change.

Teams use different tools to help them create and understand project scope, such as:.

How to Design Your Life (My Process For Achieving Goals)

Framing the Scope — This is a visual exercise that gives team members cards describing all aspects of the project including deliverables, people impacted, timing, products impacted, etc.

The facilitator then draws a frame on a flip board which represents the scope of the project. Team members then take turns placing their cards inside the frame, outside the frame or half-in-half-out of the frame to indicate what the scope of the project should include.

All the charts are posted on a wall and reviewed by every member of the team. Team members identify vague words in each statement and the writer gives more detail about what the concept looks like or how the team will know when they attain it. The team then compiles the individual statements into a group project definition statement.

It requires the rigorous methodology of Six Sigma and a dedicated project team to create changes that eliminate variance and reduce defects.

Letter from the President: Implementation of NEW ERP System

It also requires a dedicated team to implement it and the strict methodology that the change acceleration process provides. Home Methodology. What is Six Sigma? StaffJanuary 9, Six Sigma vs.People Management and Growth. Anytime a new process is implemented within an organization, it could have an impact on workplace morale. New processes can change the way tasks are performed, alter the organizational structure and sometimes eliminate responsibilities or even jobs. Therefore, it's critical to evaluate employee morale before, during and after a new process is put in place to determine its overall effectiveness.

When introducing a new process, the management team should understand how it will affect current and future employees and the overall organization. A change in process may "shake things up" in the organization for a brief period or require new skill sets and training, which can be troubling for some employees. Forbes advises that there are "10 points to leading a change initiative," which can be used to ensure a positive process update:.

Plan ahead against potential problems that a new process could create. A small test group of employees is a good way to start understanding and measuring this impact. Watching for changes in the mood and performance of this test group will provide a snapshot of what's to come with the entire organization. Preserving positive workplace morale means taking the time to communicate with employees about the change before and after it occurs.

Although this new process may seem confusing at first, by explaining it in advance the management team will accomplish two important things:. To handle the communication, schedule a group meeting with the employees who will be affected by the new process, using visual aids to illustrate the benefits of the change, and reassure employees that they will benefit from the new process.

Once the new process has passed through the test group and been rolled out to the rest of the organization, the first few weeks will dictate its success or failure. Its effectiveness can live and die with how it affects workplace morale. Some methods to monitor its impact on employees are as follows:. With these methods, it's possible to determine the bearing that a process may have on your workplace morale. If the new process is positive, generally employee morale will also be positive in response.

If the process is creating friction and as a result negative morale, the executive team will have the available information to evaluate and improve it based on feedback from employees and front line managers.

More from this category. Addi P.Due to skyrocketing candy consumption, Doe's will no longer provide unlimited free candy bars to employees. An "honor system" can has been placed in the candy basket, and all are asked to pay 35 cents for each bar taken. In the long run this will almost certainly cost less than the larger-sized clothes you would have been buying, had the chocolate intake remained so high.

Remember, this is the honor system, so pay up! Effective immediately, women will use the men's rest room and men will use the women's. The original arrangement was inadequate. We plan to build more stalls immediately in the women's originally men's rest room. Thank you for your cooperation and please refer to the new signs to avoid confusion.

Due to three unfortunate incidents in the last week, Doe Construction is implementing a policy of no dogs on the jobsite, effective immediately. Thank you for your cooperation. As of this Friday, November 13, employee timesheets must be completed and submitted to John before you leave on Friday evening.

This will give John a much better chance to complete the necessary paperwork before submitting the sheets to the payroll service so our checks will come in on time every week.

Get to the point immediately by stating the new or changed policy. Explain the reasons for the policy and its benefits for both employees and the company. Employees will respond more positively when they understand the reasons for the policy and if they believe that it protects everyone's best interests. Home Categories Inform English Letters. Spanish Letters.

Example Sentences For those of you who were unable to attend this month's meeting, the new parking policy states that each employee should use the stalls farthest from the store so that our customers can enjoy easier access to the showroom.

Because of problems caused by confusion over our reimbursement policy, the financial office has made the following changes to the policy: Effective July 10, cashiers will no longer grant refunds. Please direct customers wanting refunds to the Customer Service booth.

In the past, Doe Corporation's health insurance plan allowed each new employee full coverage beginning the first day of employment. Unfortunately, our current turn-over rate makes that policy cumbersome and unrealistic. Effective immediately, all new employees will have a day probation period before receiving these benefits.

Due to the alarming number of employees complaining about ear trauma, effective immediately, each employee must wear the provided ear safety equipment at all times within the fabrication area. Doe has announced a change in our overtime policy and has asked me to inform you of it.

sample email to implement new process

As of January 1, all employees must gain specific written permission from their immediate supervisor before working overtime hours. Example Sentences Remember, the more pleased our customers are with our service, the more likely they will be to make a purchase. You can help the financial department reimburse you quickly by following this policy to the letter.It is with great pride and excitement that I take this time to personally inform you of a wide-ranging business enhancement that Bamford Produce and our sister company, Freshline Foods, has been undergoing over the past 9 months.

The new ERP system involves the utilization of a new computer platform that offers substantial business advantages including:. Key features of the new online ordering platform includes:. Rest assured that we have made every effort to minimize any disruptions for our customers, and we will be working to provide all customers with the necessary support and resource materials to begin utilizing the new ordering platform on July 14 th.

One change that customers will notice is a new formatting of some documents such as invoices and order acknowledgements however, the content is consistent with what our customers have been receiving previously. Further details and links to pertinent resources such as a User Guide will be provided by email over the next few days leading up the launch date on July 14 th.

Please distribute this announcement to the appropriate people within your company who may also need to be aware of this upcoming change.

Should you experience any issues or have any questions, we are here to help!

Sample Email Outlining New Policy

Benoit Lecavalier President Bamford Produce. Dear Valued Customers: It is with great pride and excitement that I take this time to personally inform you of a wide-ranging business enhancement that Bamford Produce and our sister company, Freshline Foods, has been undergoing over the past 9 months. The new ERP system involves the utilization of a new computer platform that offers substantial business advantages including: The ability to better service our customers through an improved process for picking more accurate orders.

Minimizing shipping errors. Ensuring traceability and safety measures for the movement of product right down to the pallet and case level. Deployment of a new online ordering platform which offers multiple functions to provide a more efficient ordering experience and account management capabilities.

Key features of the new online ordering platform includes: New web interface and a more streamlined ordering process. Order recap feature to view details of an order and to print or download a spreadsheet copy. Email confirmation on all orders placed in the system.

Calendar feature to view all future and past orders note: order details only available from the start of the new system on July 14 th. Online order history details — ability to view all recent order invoices. Thank you for your continued support.This is to bring to your notice that Effective March 1st the company will be changing its policy with regards to the late comers.

If employees come on time, we could reach our quota for the day, or may even exceed it. As a part of our rules and regulations, everybody is required to abide by this new policy. The office computer and internet is only for the use of work related to XYZ Ltd. No employee shall use internet for personal usage. An analysis of internet records shows that our employees have been using our internet connection for unofficial and rather personal usage.

Large amount of data have been consumed for personal usage of the employees which had resulted in reduced speed of overall data connectivity. We are sad to inform that some instances of unusually unprofessionalism have been market amongst employees using internet connections for their personal usage. There have been instances of employees using internet for their personal downloads, playing online games, social networking, etc.

Internet usage for the above mentioned activities or any such activity for entertainment which has nothing to do with the productivity of XYZ Ltd. Even during waiting hours of work you are not permitted to use office internet for any personal usage. Last month, our internet had almost exhausted its speed data limits due to highly unofficial usage by our employees. Our new policy states that any employee found to be violating the aforementioned warning shall be liable to answer the director and shall be charged from his salary for the same.

We have installed software for the blockage and detection of unofficial internet usage. The supervisor shall be notified if any one of the employee tries to infringe this policy. Please cooperate in making the new policy effective and do not give us a chance to question your professionalism in front of others.

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Sample Email Outlining New Policy. Whenever possible, personal hygiene should be taken care of in the bathroom or another private area.

While employees are definitely allowed to listen to music, please make sure that your volume is low and you are wearing headphones so that others are not distracted. Please remember to keep all conversations and emails work-appropriate. Over-sharing and discussing potentially controversial topics are not good choices for office communication. Office: Ext. Was any part of this sample helpful to you?

sample email to implement new process

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