Cs213 github byui

To change the account password after logging in, use the command passwd. SSH keys can be used to authenticate yourself to login to the cluster. This is the recommended method and is more secure than typing in password or saving the passowrd in the ssh client e. The generated key pair will allow you to login to the cluster from your local machine. Mobaxterm can be used to generate a ssh private-public key pair. At this point, it is assumed that you already have a ssh identity public-private key pair.

If not, see the section above. The second part of the following screencast covers using mobaxterm and a ssh identity to log in without a password. VNC session are useful only if you want to have a desktop like environment that runs on the HPC cluster but is displayed on your computer with which the user can interact e. Such desktop environments are useful for example for lightweight visualizations of data that are rendered on the HPC cluster or for testing and prototyping.

In this section the procedure for creating a VNC session on the head node is described. For demanding interative work with a desktop environment use the job script for running a VNC server on a compute node that has signifincantly more resources than the head node and significantly more rendering power on the GPU nodes.

cs213 github byui

VNC is a simple way to join a remote desktop session on the cluster. There are several flavours and clients of VNC. We recommend the following:. TigerVNC can be easily installed on most linux operating systems. RealVNC is more user freindly and is available for most common operating systems. Here are some links on how to create tunnels on various platforms, since we will be using them in what follows:.

Note direct ssh access to the compute nodes is disabled and not allowed. Warning this will overwrite any keys that already exist.

Note this same process can be done on windows also from the command line assuming that you already have openssh installed.Avoid answering questions in comments. To support server-to-server interactions, first create a service account for your project in the API Console. If you want to access user data for users in your G Suite domain, then delegate domain-wide access to the service account.

Then, your application prepares to make authorized API calls by using the service account's credentials to request an access token from the OAuth 2. After you obtain the client ID and private key from the API Console, your application needs to complete the following steps:.

BUT when it is returning data from the index, it is returning delta instead of alfa. Not sure why. Is it stored wrong? Is that why the copy constructor is important?

Just reference it from a Bug object. Question But where are the Bug objects initialized? Answer They're initialized in GridObjectHandler. But in order to use Win. But a lot of methods depend on this so it might take some work. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Maybe gameState should be in it's own class?

Subversion vs Git

Before we start In this tutorial we will cover how to create basic templates and what is so great about using templates, as well as how to add operator overloads to classes you create. To do this we will be creating a simple Account class that will allow for different types of data to be inputted.

cs213 github byui

This creates the class called Account and tell it that it works as a template with the type called T. Now that we have the simple class complete lets start filling things out. First off we will need a variable to use for the amount of money or whatever that is in the account.

This is done like so:. This creates the variable amount of type T, simple enough.This page contains two primary helps: an example of creating a new view from scratch and a quick guide for common questions and information. If you decide to not do the example of creating the view, make sure to at least read the introduction. Before we create a new view several concepts about the way views are rendered on byui. First is how byui. There are three primary views used as layouts that render the items that are on every page of the site.

This is the root view of the site. It renders components that are common to every page on byui. It loads the styles legacymain. Content, AcademicHome, etc. To demonstrate how to create a page type-specific view from scratch we will walk through an example of creating a cookbook website. This site will simply render a dynamic list of recipes which can be clicked on to view more information. We will start by breaking the site up into any modules that make sense. In addition to our primary cookbook view we can creat component views and secondary views.

We want our cookbook view to generate a list of recipes by simply looking for any recipe pages in a user-specified folder within Ingeniux. For our cookbook example we will create the following views and component:. Careful planning in this stage will save a lot of time in the long run. After we are done planning the components and sub pages that are required we can move on.

Before creating the. NET view, however, we need to create a page type schema within Ingeniux. Ingeniux uses XML schemas to represent page types. These XML schemas can use several pre-defined elements built into Ingeniux. To make creating these schemas simple, Ingeniux provides a schema designer tool.

In the right-hand pane we will see a list of all the current page types in Ingeniux. With the 'Page Types' tab selected, click 'New' in the right-hand pane.

Ingeniux will create a new blank page type schema and direct you to the schema editor section. You will be presented with a blank schema which looks like this image.A data scientist is a programmer, statistician, and communicator that burns with curiosity.

Both large and small companies collect and store massive amounts of data. They need data scientists that can provide actionable insight from the data. Our data science degree prepares individuals with the skills to program with, visualize, and interpret data for employers in this rapidly expanding field.

Statistics Notebook

A McKinsey study [1] predicts that the number of data science jobs in the United States alone will exceedGlobally, demand for data scientists is projected to exceed supply by more than 50 percent. This demand will provide salaries similar to or better than computer science and engineering graduates. Discover the concepts of logical and physical relationships in a data model and the basic elements of database management systems.

Develop Python programming skills through the introduction of object-oriented programming and common data structures. Use data-driven programming for the handling, formatting, and visualization of messy and complex data. Explore the fundamentals of regression, multiple regression, ANOVA, and the applications to statistical modelling.

BYU-Idaho values suggestions and ideas that can improve the university. Use our Feedback Form to let us know what you think. Data Scientists: High Demand Both large and small companies collect and store massive amounts of data. Explore Degree Options Visit our academic catalog for details on the different options in Data Science.

CS Survey Object-Oriented Programming Develop Python programming skills through the introduction of object-oriented programming and common data structures. CS Data Wrangling, Exploration, and Visualization Use data-driven programming for the handling, formatting, and visualization of messy and complex data.

We want to hear from you!I feel like it was done in such a way that learning about telling a story with data and producing high quality work was easy. There were lots of opportunities to learn from each other and help each other succeed. The class translated easily into things to add to my professional portfolio. Note: You can find the historical order and format of this website Fall - Spring here.

Current trends among industries ranging from Insurance to Manufacturing as well as many other professions are pushing the need for data literacy. Learners will implement data wrangling techniques and the grammar of graphics process in visualizing complex data. The course is designed to be accessible to all majors as much as possible introductory programming and statistics are prerequisites. The concepts in this course nicely complement the skills in many other disciplines on campus, such as business and communication, social sciences, and hard sciences.

This course is the primary course that pulls many of the varied courses in the data science degree into the cohesive tool set that data scientists will use in industry.

cs213 github byui

Learners that are driven by curiosity and interested in how decisions are made will be attracted to this course sometimes called data intuition. Those that have a more empathetic approach to how the world works, people think, and how problems are solved will also have interest. The primary difference in the type of course participants will be between those that are completing a data science or statistics degree and those that are from other degrees on campus but see the need for data interpretation and programming.

With the strong demand for employees with programming and analytics capability across the US and world this class will give participants a significant advantage over others in their respective domains.

Use data-driven programming in R for the handling, formatting, and visualization of messy and complex data. Students will implement data wrangling techniques and the grammar of graphics process in visualizing complex data. The syllabus provides context for the details of how the class will operate and how grades will be earned.

Math Introduction Note: You can find the historical order and format of this website Fall - Spring here. Who is served by this course? Course Mission Statement Use data-driven programming in R for the handling, formatting, and visualization of messy and complex data. Course Outcomes At the completion of this course, successful students will be able to: Convert data from varied formats or structures to a tidy format for analysis and visualization.The purpose of this assignment is to create your personal home page and an assignments page that can be used to execute most of the assignments you will be doing in this class.

You should have done the reading in W3Schools specified at the following link:. Setting up your permissions and directory structure for the course. Before you can access your HTML files from our IP address and a browser you must setup the proper permissions on your directories. Think of this as setting up for your hosting site. You must first setup the permissions on your home directory to be rwx --x--x. Then from the Linux home directory set the permissons on your personal directory.

Now go back to your personal directory. You can also change the permissions of your home directory another way. The period indicates you are doing the change mode on the current directory. This is the directory where all your HTML files will be located. Use mkdir to create the directory. Note: The above URL will only work if you are on campus.

If you are off campus you will need to first setup an SSH Tunnel see the.

cs213 github byui

Once a tunnel is setup, the following URL can be used to access your. Assignment Requirements. First create an HTML file named " index. This document will be used to execute most of the assignments you will be doing in this class. Your " index. The index. Create 11 stub HTML files for each of the 11 other assignments. The HTML stub files should simply. Names for the stub files should be as follows:. As the semester progresses you will be replacing the "stub" html file with the real html file needed for the designated assignment.

Once an assignment is due, I will expect to be able to access it from the links in your assignments page. Next create and HTML file named "assign It may include anything you want however, it must include the following:. Validate your assign It must be a valid html5 document.

Five points will be taken off if your assign Note: As part of this assignment you must get a picture of you that I can display on my grading menu.Statistics are used in every aspect of society. Every statistical analysis follows a pattern we will call the Statistical Process.

This process will be introduced in this lesson and will be used throughout the course.

Software Design and Development :: CS 246

The Old Testament prophet Daniel planned one of the earliest recorded scientific research studies. We will use his example to illustrate the following five steps of The Statistical Process. The following icons can help you remember these steps. Notice that each icon has a letter and an image to help you remember the five steps of the Statistical Process. An important step in scientific inquiry or problem solving can be to state a research question such as:.

Researchers also investigate the background of the situation. What have other people discovered about this situation? How can we find the answer to the research question? What do we need to do? What is the population or total collection of all individuals under consideration? What kind of data need to be collected? Before collecting data, researchers make a hypothesis, or an educated guess about the outcome of their research.

A hypothesis is a statement such as the following:. To aid their preparation, Nebuchadnezzar planned to feed them his meat and wine for three years Daniel He asked permission to eat pulse 1 and drink water instead.

His supervisor, Melzar, was afraid to displease the king. He thought that after eating pulse and water, the selected Israelites would look worse than their peers, and he would be punished Daniel With an understanding of the background of the situation, Daniel proposed an experiment. Melzar agreed to the experiment. When designing a study, much attention is given to the process by which data are observed.

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