11th doctor x reader

Haven’t Met You Yet

Warnings: Mentions of self-harm and depression. Grabbing his sonic screwdriver, he began to run towards the voice. His smile only grew. The Doctor nodded slowly, crouching down so he was eye-level with her. Eleven took her hands and helped her up.

He ran with her, leading her to a safe room. He let out a sigh of relief when he found them. The Doctor sighed, knowing that he would have to break the news to the girl. He cared about her, for some reason. He knew it must hurt more than anything to watch your life being torn apart, to watch your family and friends being stripped apart. Slowly, he walked back towards her.

Her face crumpled when she saw the look in his eyes. She began to cry, sobs wracking her body. The Doctor felt his heart break. He walked over to her, strides long and filled with purpose. He crouched down next to her and pulled her into his arms. She looked up at him, her eyes glassy with tears. She slowly took his extended hand and laced her fingers with his.

He offered her a cheeky grin. Eventually, they were stopped by an elderly woman, confusion evident on her face. She was embarrassed, looking at the ground, her face red, but he was happy. She met his gaze hesitantly. He held his sonic up to the door and unlocked it, pushing it open. She turned away before he could see her. He let out a gasp at the blood on her arm.

His first thought was to be mad, to be furious. Why would she hurt herself like this? He let her collapse in her arms. I understand. Just- just promise me not to do this, okay? You are beautiful and intelligent and- and my daughter. She promised him never to cut again.May I request a 11th doctor imagine where the reader is extremely jealous of river? Thank you!!! AN : Okay, to be honest, this one was a bit tricky to write only cause I had a hard time finding an episode to follow.

Yeah, it turned out way longer than expected. You helped her regain her balance after the not-so-smooth landing The Doctor had just performed.

All we have to do is open the doors and read the very first words in recorded history. I love Rome, do you remember Pompeii? She was dressed up as Cleopatra, complete with servants to feed her whatever she pleased. River rolled her eyes and sent the servants away. Only after they were gone, she dramatically pulled out a scroll. You and the Doctor stepped toward the box, arm, and arm, but you nearly tripped four steps in.

Carefully, he reached out and touched it. Or a trickster, or a warrior. A nameless, terrible thing, soaked in the blood of a billion galaxies. The most feared being and all the cosmos. And nothing could stop it, or hold it, or reason with it. In all your travels with the Doctor not once had you heard such a story, except perhaps for the ones about himself. You both knew what Amy had in her hand. The ring Rory proposed to Amy with. Rory who had fallen out of time.

Still in the Pandorica chamber but The Doctor was knocked unconscious on the floor next to you. You ran toward the man, determined to push a stake through his heart if necessary.Originally posted by matt-smith-fans.

You were certain there was something wrong with you.

13th doctor x reader

After all, you had to have extraordinarily bad luck to have lost a soulmate not once, not twice, but three times. But one day you woke up, and brown was there. You recognized the foreign color immediately, and you cried, because it meant your first soulmate was gone. Blue had been snatched away in its place, and after a while you began to forget what blue even looked like. You got blue back, though, and brown was gone again. You got to see brown for the shortest amount of time, it was gone in only a little over a year.

You cried this time too, since by some sort of sick cosmic joke you had lost your second soulmate, too. Not even your parents. People would begin to think something was wrong with you.

Several years after losing brown, it came back. You lost green this time, and wondered how long you would have this soulmate before they were gone, too. You would watch the children play, squealing with joy and laughter, and it was something that never failed to raise your spirits. Today was one of those days. The sun was out, shining overhead in the gaps between fluffy white clouds.

The world seemed a bit bleak without the vibrant green it usually held, and the pessimistic part of you wondered how long it would be before you started seeing green again and lost some other color in exchange. You shrugged, deciding it was easier to talk to a stranger than a friend. I mean, who has lost three soulmates?

The Doctor seemed taken aback, if his lack of response meant anything, which was understandable. Then I lost one, once my soulmate was born. He gave a chuckle. It was actually quite relieving to lose a color. Means my soulmate is out there somewhere, just waiting for me to find them.

You could hear the smile in his voice when he replied. This world is quite a lot bigger than people think. Find my soulmate before he goes too. You glanced at him, eyes taking in the bowtie, floppy hair, and eyes that green slowly emerged from. The rest of the foliage around you followed, turning the vibrant green you had missed so much. He stared at you, awe engulfing his features. His mouth unhinged, just a little, and it was enough to make you smile. Your excitement still faded to worry, regardless.

A smile spread across his features, contrasting the seriousness of the conversation.Sorry this is complicated and reallllly specific you can change it J. I had fun writing it!

I kept it as close to what you wanted, while adjusting a couple of things which I hope will fall into the same realm of what you wanted.

Thank you SO much for your patience anon! Hope you enjoy the read! It had been a great day for you and the Doctor. He never felt this way for someone before, and it was driving mad. He never felt a love like this before, none of the less the feeling of desire and lust that would take over him just by laying eyes on you. Every move you made was intoxicating to him, and he could swear he was drunk by just thinking of you.

Your smile, and the way your nose would crinkle as you laughed would grip and twist his heart, the way your hands would gracefully go about touching anything that was lucky enough to be in your proximity sent chills down his spine, the timbre of your voice made his lower belly feel a heat that would burn through his entire body, and the way your hips moved as if they could move mountains would send his head spinning. Literally and figuratively.

Keep reading. He shut the door behind him and you sprung up to your closet. The two of you were never really focused on down time. You were always chasing after some alien trying to destroy a planet. It was exciting to just go out and have a nice time with him. You sifted through the hangers until you saw what you were looking for.

You smiled as you pulled out a long dress. You held it up to yourself and admired it in the mirror. It was black and had a low cut front and a slim bodice with lace sleeves that went just a bit past your wrists.

When it reached your mid thigh there was a slit going from the left leg to the end. It was almost like it was made for you, you loved when you got to wear it. You laid it on your bed and went to the bathroom to do your makeup. You came back to the dress and carefully slipped it over your head making sure not to mess up your hair or makeup.

You looked at yourself in the mirror and saw The Doctor over your shoulder. You turned around and saw him standing in the doorway. He walked over to you as you turned back around to the mirror. He brushed your hair out of the way and pulled up your zipper. He kissed the back of your shoulder.

You turned around to him and gave him a loving smile. You grabbed his hand and the two of you walked to the main control room. You looked at him as you walked. He was wearing a black suit jacket with a black bowtie over a white button up.Originally posted by lupercaliossss. Chap 1 - here. I found myself coming back to reality on the floor of the kitchen, knees tucked up to my chest and water dripping off my chin. Memories insisted on flooding back to me freshly out of my dysphoria, memories not only of today but the day I never talked about.

It really did seem like a long time ago.

11th doctor x reader

The ponds and I had been travelling with him for months again now. The glimpses of moments I forgot were always short lived but when I felt my happiest. The way he looked at me earlier. I felt like I was in trouble for saving his ganger when in any other situation that would have been him, risking his life to save another, risking his life to save me. My stomach was in knots again, anxiety clinging to my distress. My eyes closed tightly, the last thing I needed right now was for him to comfort me.

He was a stupidly good man. My head felt like it was going to explode with the intense banging behind my eyes. My eyes peeked open through slits, he was knelt in front of me, forehead wrinkled with concern. I glanced down at his shoes, sneakers. I am the flesh. At least I get to keep my bowtie, bowties are cool.

Eleventh Doctor - Hello Universe

Two of you, I just thought that over now and what on earth have I done. If he had come in here instead would you have talked to him? My head lifted to look him in the eyes. His were already on me, looking down at me intently. I know you are him but. Every time I close my eyes I-I see. I knew Amy felt the same. The conversation died with my contention, heartbeats full of silence passed. I felt a new sense of calmness flood the room after a while, making me feel safe once more.

My body finally slumping on the spot. I crossed my leg over the other and directed my attention towards him, moving my body slightly to face him better. The warmth of his skin made me realise how cold I was from my dissociative panic attack. It made me want to wrap my arms around him seeking out any heat.

You should have left me, I know am him but at the same time I will never be to you and you know that. So why would you save me? You are the most incredible being I have ever met. The most stupid, brilliant, kind old man. If it ever came to it, I would gladly die to save you. I would give my life over and over again if it meant you kept yours for eternity.Originally posted by doctorfriend The Doctor gazed down at you in awe, delighted at the difference between this you and the older you he had been with hardly five minutes ago.

He had just been with you, a beautiful grown woman, and you had hugged him goodbye and told him to have fun but be back on time while you ran some errands to restock the TARDIS kitchen. But now he was with a much, much younger you. You were a mess of a miniature human being, and the Doctor was enchanted. Yes, you are. He cradled you to his chest, picking out underdeveloped features that he recognized. The shape of your ears, the curve of your lips, the wisps of hair that felt like downy feathers under his touch.

Oh, you were so tiny. Momentous occasion, actually. You'n'I will be quite the pair. Though, not for a while. Just dancing around each other, so unsure. So scared, both of us. See, part of growing up is that people hurt you. I promise! What if it does? And, hey, can I tell you a secret? Originally posted by matt-smith-fans. You were certain there was something wrong with you. After all, you had to have extraordinarily bad luck to have lost a soulmate not once, not twice, but three times.

But one day you woke up, and brown was there. You recognized the foreign color immediately, and you cried, because it meant your first soulmate was gone. Blue had been snatched away in its place, and after a while you began to forget what blue even looked like. You got blue back, though, and brown was gone again.Requested by an anonymous flubble for their birthday.

11th doctor x reader

You glared at Jack Harkness, Captain of the Innuendo Squad, and wondered how long it would be before Jack got distracted by something shiny and ran off. Butconsidering the lack of revealing aliens in this situation and how intent Jack seemed to be on having this conversation, you doubted it would happen like that again anytime soon. You picked up another grape and stuck it in your own mouth.

Now you were angry. Or at least very, very frustrated. This conversation happened a lot. Because it was more than a crush, way more, and Jack wanted you to say it. You love the Doctor. Hurt stung you. So instead, you said:. Jack scoffed irritably. Jack rarely got angry, as far as you had seen, but this was obviously getting to him. You had stood up in an effort to regain the upper hand by making yourself taller than Jack, but Jack was leaning forward in his seat, halfway to standing up himself.

You had never fought with him. Why did he have to push this? You were going to cry. You aggressively wiped it away, trying to save face despite your complete loss of control. You knew your face was red - you could feel the heat of blood rushing up to your face.

Your ears were hot and your mouth felt full of cotton. Jack stared at you, stunned by the way you had broken so quickly. This was him. He stood up from his seat, slowly moving to comfort you. You grabbed a scrubbing brush and began to clean dishes that had been left to soak in soapy water.

11th doctor x reader

Not to mention it was a good distraction. Finally, you heard the scrape of a chair and the quick footsteps of Jack making his escape from the kitchen. You sighed in relief even as another traitorous tear slipped from your blotchy cheek and into the sudsy water. You looked at your murky reflection.

11th doctor x reader

Your eyes were already red and puffy, just for two little tears, and your cheeks were terribly flushed. On one hand, he really liked Jack and was glad to have the man back. But on the other hand, Jack was sort of a good security measure. Jack was like extra security for you, which was good.

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